Tatiana, Talk Programming Intern

I can’t believe I only have a month until this internship is over. It flew by and I don’t want it to end! I was assigned to “Tell Me Everything with John Fugelsang” and the entire team is awesome. My mentor Xorje is amazing, I got so lucky with him. He is so helpful, easy-going and makes the internship a blast. Our senior producer Neil gives me some producing tips here and there, since that might be a career I want to pursue and the host of my show is very smart and holds the most captivating and insightful interviews. I’m secretly picking up interviewing tips and he’s really open to giving me air time. Everyone in the office is friendly as well. You definitely don’t feel like an intern, but actually part of the team. 


I’ve had radio experience working for my campus station, but I’ve learned so much more working here. Throughout this internship I’ve helped booked guests, edit sound clips, pitch story ideas, run the audio board and many other things. A highlight of my internship was I got to meet the hosts of my favorite show, Sway in the Morning and they invited me to sit in on the show whenever I want. I’ve made a few connections here and I’ve learned so much that I can take with me to use in my career in media. This has truly been a great experience, future interns enjoy and make the most of this opportunity because it goes by too fast.



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