Eugene, Sports Programming Intern – NFL Radio

When I received this job I did not really know what to expect.  I understood it was a radio station and that much of the concepts and equipment like the ones I used at school were going to be found at SiriusXM.  But I did not know to what extent and I had no idea what else I was going to learn about.  After my first few weeks here, I can definitively say that I am blown away by the amount of factors that go into a Radio Show.  Because my school’s radio station is not very big, we do not have anywhere near the equipment or software that is used at SiriusXM.  Everything was very foreign to me for the most part, but as time went on, I figured it all out.  I spend four days a week, not only learning the ins and outs of a radio show, but being able to take what I learned and actually perform those actions on the radio station.  We are about four weeks in and I have already spent a ton of time working the audio board and have already found myself comfortable with it!  It is honestly amazing how much I have learned while hear at Sirius, whether it be how to work the board or what software does what.  It has been an extremely rewarding experience so far and I am extremely excited to see what the next few weeks have in store.

Nathan, Sports Programming Intern- Washington, D.C. Studios

During my first three weeks in the Newsroom, I have learned how crucial it is to multi-task and work quickly and efficiently in this type of setting. I have learned to cut live audio effectively with our audio-editing software “Dalet Plus” while monitoring up to four games at a time. The newsroom staff has been extremely helpful in helping me learn how things work, where everything is located and have shown patience in helping me during this learning period. I am looking forward to perfecting these skills as the summer progresses.

Krista, Summer 2016 Sports Programming Intern – NFL Radio

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Waking up at 4:30 in the morning three days a week is not how most college students would want to spend their summer.  Yet, over the past four weeks the early mornings have hardly bothered me.  Being able to be a part of “The Morning Drive” on NFL Radio has been such an amazing experience even with the 7:00 AM start time.  My goal is to be a sideline reporter, so I’ve been trying to learn every aspect of sports broadcasting that there is.

Being exposed to the production that goes into a radio show has been eye opening.  While listening to a radio show, most people would not think of the effort and time that goes into all of the clips that are played, the transitions, or checking the levels of every sound.

After my first day I realized the amount of time and hard work that goes into each and every show.  My mentors Dave and Louie have welcomed me with open arms, and have taken a genuine interest in teaching me how to run the board, and produce a show.  With still eight weeks to go I am excited to see the progress that I will continue to make!

Michael, Summer 2016 Public Relations Intern

Coming into New York City for my first internship could very well be the most intimidating task I was ever faced with. Having never worked in any office setting, especially not on 6th Avenue, I really did not know what to expect. The fact that SiriusXM is such a recognizable brand was the icing on the proverbial cake.

In the four weeks since my first day, those nerves have, for the most part, all vanished. I comfortably made my way through the city and into the office, greeting those I have been fortunate enough to meet. Even the people I have not yet had the pleasure of introducing myself to, despite their obvious dedication to their respective tasks, still make me feel like SiriusXM is a place I belong.

I have learned practically all I know about what it means to work in Public Relations during my time hear, a testament to how little I knew when I came in and just how much I have absorbed in just a few short weeks. Everyone on the team has been welcoming, and perhaps more importantly, they treat me like I have been there as long as they have. Whenever I have a question, they are there to answer it, and they trust me to help out wherever I can. I feared that I would not know how to occupy my time while working here, but the Public Relations team erased those fears almost instantly, and instead replaced them with excitement for the next task.

I was scared of what I would find behind the SiriusXM doors on my first day of work. Now, I can’t wait to see what is next.

Kaelin, Summer 2016 Talk Programming Intern – POTUS (D.C. Office)

As of now, I’ve gained valuable experience with POTUS. I have expanded my knowledge of politics and greatly increased journalism skills. On a daily basis, I cut audio news clips for the show, posts segments or shows on On Demand and create my own blog cast. In addition, I gather information on guests and cut audio clips after interviews have been conducted. Finally, I shadow producers, learning how to hone my radio skills and understanding the radio board. In the upcoming weeks I will create longer radio blog casts and hopefully have the opportunity to accompany the POTUS White House correspondent to the White House!

Stephanie, Summer 2016 Talk Programming Intern – Urban View



The first few weeks of my internship with The Karen Hunter Show on Urban View have been great!  I have already learned so much and have had a lot of hands on teaching.  My mentor, Jameson, will show me how to do something a couple of times, watch me perform the task until he is confident I can do it on my own, and then he will give me tasks each day to get done before our live show.

My day usually consists of pre-promoting guests on the Urban View Twitter before the show, pull audio from news organizations to be used during the show, studio set-up, live-tweeting the show, call screening, putting the show OnDemand, and finally taking audio from the show and putting it on Soundcloud.  I have also been given the opportunity to work on the board during the show.  I started working the board during my second week of the internship.  I would send the show to a commercial break and then come back.  When Jameson and the show’s board operator, Anthony, were confident I knew my way around the board, I worked it for one of the show’s three hours.  On June 28, I was on the board for the entire show.

This internship is unlike any job I have ever worked.  I have never been given this much responsibility this fast and I couldn’t be happier.

Natsumi, Summer 2016 Finance Intern (D.C. Office)

On the first day, Bonnie told us that this internship would fly by; she couldn’t have been more right as the first three weeks have gone by faster than I could have imagined. I was so nervous coming in because this summer internship was my first ever and SiriusXM, as you all know, is such a famous company. I had no idea what to expect and had so many questions. I am the finance (accounting) intern at the D.C. location and my first thought when I was given the internship (besides my immediate excitement of course) was wondering what it would be like working in the ‘non-music’ side of the industry.

From the moment that I got a tour of the whole building, I knew that this would be an enjoyable summer. As a finance intern, I love that we are able to work in the same building, just one floor up, from the music studios. I am able to hear about the work of music programmers and what it’s like working in a studio from a few fellow interns that I am able to meet up with for lunch! The non-music side has a chance to mesh with the music side, which is great. I haven’t seen any famous people yet, but hopefully I will soon!

In the office, I mainly work on validating the daily outgoing payments from the company’s bank accounts.  Many of the tasks I perform have to be completed in a timely manner daily. Therefore, it is crucial that I understand the reasoning behind the tasks I perform. I get feedback EVERYDAY from my very helpful mentors and it is truly great to be able to feel my knowledge deepening and see my progress everyday. Aside from feeling like a team member through my work, I even have my own cubicle! It has a nice chair, a computer, and office supplies, which makes me feel super official.

After 3 weeks, I can say that I have learned A LOT! My Excel skills have already grown exponentially, and I think that I can finally confidently state that Excel is one of my skills on a resume! I can’t wait to continue on with the rest of this amazing experience!

Joseph, Summer 2016 Music Programming Intern (D.C. Office)


As a returning intern, the first few weeks back have definitely been interesting. Along with similar work to last year’s internship, I have been working closely with a few of the people in production. It has been a tremendous experience for me because I have been able to learn how imaging is created, as well as learning proper mixing and mastering techniques. Everyone I have worked with has been incredibly generous with their time, and they have been fantastic mentors. It’s always nice being around a bunch of people who love music and create a good atmosphere. I love being around the studio environment, and it feels rewarding knowing that I have helped produce pieces that will eventually be played on the air. I’m looking forward to the rest of the summer!

Hugh, Summer 2016 Sports Programming Intern (D.C. Office)

Coming in to my SiriusXM internship with one already under my belt has definitely helped me in my first few weeks in D.C. Last summer, I spent my three months learning how to do the different in-studio jobs such as call screening, taking show notes, and running the board.  This summer, I was able to jump right in and start contributing in-studio on my second day.  When I am not in studio, the producers that I work with have given me editing tasks to do, such as splicing together rejoins and bumps for upcoming shows, or putting together promos using audio from past shows.  I’ve felt like everything I have done this summer has had importance, and one of my biggest advantages has been not needing to spend time learning how to do the tasks, but instead perfecting them.


Hannah, Summer 2016 Talent Relations Intern – L.A. Studio

Hannah and Hozier

Interning for SiriusXM has honestly been a dream come true. I have been working alongside the talent department in the Los Angeles studios and have gained such invaluable experiences in such a short amount of time. Going into this internship I was both excited yet nervous and wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but since arriving the LA team has been nothing but welcoming. I have been working closely with my mentor, Ross, as well as Talent Liaison and former intern, Jenny, to learn the ins and outs of working with and booking guests to come into the studios.

I have been given the opportunity to sit in on various talent department meetings, which has been awesome and has given me a lot of exposure to all of the hard work that goes into getting talent into our studios. Being one of the smaller studios, I have been able to quickly acclimate into my environment and get to know nearly everyone from producers to board operators to hosts and everything in between.

Being in studio has helped solidify my decision to pursue a career in the radio industry and has opened so many new doors and given me numerous connections. I cannot wait to see where the rest of the summer takes me.