Garrett, Summer 2016 Marketing Intern


With one third of my SiriusXM internship complete, I have found the atmosphere and culture of the office to be one that other companies should strive to achieve. Employees have the freedom to go about their days in a relaxed yet productive manner, and I believe this inspires most people’s best work. Everyone holds themselves accountable, and this mentality translates to success for the entire organization.

Working on the Conversion Marketing Team has provided the opportunity to contribute the Marketing Department’s efforts from Day 1. By the end of the first week, my mentor and I had laid out a plan of action to analyze the subject lines that are used in emails to free trial customers. At the end of the summer, I will be able to report back whether certain tones, words, symbols and other devices encourage greater conversions from a free trial to a paid subscription. Knowing that the work I am doing can help the department operate more efficiently, and thus save the company money, provides the necessary motivation to work hard and consistently strive to contribute.

My main takeaway from the first month has been that even though SiriusXM employs hundreds of individuals, everyone must come together to be able to achieve a singular goal. A great deal of my work involves interacting with others, and I would not be able to complete my own tasks without their cooperation. The support system that exists between departments like Creative, Programming, Legal, and many others is crucial, and having the opportunity to experience the interactions between people from different teams on a daily basis has been extremely valuable.

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