Kyle, Summer 2016 Digital Content Intern

Kyle Trietley

My first few weeks interning for the digital content department at SiriusXM has been tremendous. For the most part, I have been writing original blog posts, putting up weekly posts, or helping my coworkers with their projects. However, each day brings something new. I have been able to head to floor 36 to aid in photographing or getting footage of talent who come in as well as sit in on meetings where I was asked for input for upcoming campaigns,                                                        among other things.

It is clear my mentor, managers, and everyone else in the department have my best interests in mind. During one of my first days of work, my mentor sat down with me to find out what my goals were for the summer and what I was hoping to learn. I now have a broad list of skills I will hopefully be able to get experience in during my remaining weeks that I will be able to add to my résumé. Also, I have passion for electronic dance music (EDM), and some of my projects have allowed me to explore EDM specifically such as a post I wrote relating to Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas.

I still have several weeks left at SiriusXM, and I’m looking forward to the experience my remaining time will bring!

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