Eric, Summer 2016 Finance Intern

My first few weeks here at SiriusXM have been well.  I’ve been able to meet with most of the finance team here, attend conference calls and transition pretty smoothly into ongoing and future projects. I’ve been able to much better understand the company, its outlook for the future and analyze its strengths and weaknesses effectively. The people on the team are great—they are all critical thinkers with very apparent financial insight looking to improve SiriusXM’s strategic processes in various facets so it has been a good learning experience for me. My mentors, Charlie and Jeremy have been great- keeping me up to date with projects and allowing me to endeavor on certain analyses to project to them when I finished. It’s been great and the location also serves to be a very good outlet to networking with other people in NY in general. I’ve enjoyed it thoroughly so far and look forward to continuous learning and making substantial impact in future reports and analyses that SiriusXM will continue to have.

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