Hannah, Summer 2016 Talent Relations Intern – L.A. Studio

Hannah and Hozier

Interning for SiriusXM has honestly been a dream come true. I have been working alongside the talent department in the Los Angeles studios and have gained such invaluable experiences in such a short amount of time. Going into this internship I was both excited yet nervous and wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, but since arriving the LA team has been nothing but welcoming. I have been working closely with my mentor, Ross, as well as Talent Liaison and former intern, Jenny, to learn the ins and outs of working with and booking guests to come into the studios.

I have been given the opportunity to sit in on various talent department meetings, which has been awesome and has given me a lot of exposure to all of the hard work that goes into getting talent into our studios. Being one of the smaller studios, I have been able to quickly acclimate into my environment and get to know nearly everyone from producers to board operators to hosts and everything in between.

Being in studio has helped solidify my decision to pursue a career in the radio industry and has opened so many new doors and given me numerous connections. I cannot wait to see where the rest of the summer takes me.

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