Ilyssa, Summer 2016 Talk Programming Intern

I was a little nervous about this internship at first. I didn’t know how fast paced or intense everything was going to be or if my bosses or other interns were going to like me. I’ve also gone back and forth between television, radio, and writing with other internships and other experiences at my college. But by far, interning with SiriusXM is basically the best experience of my entire college career. I’m enjoying every minute of my time.


I work with Tell Me Everything with John Fugelsang on SiriusXM Insight (Ch. 121) and everyone has been extremely kind and helpful. Fun fact: Our senior producer Neil Golub graduated from my college, SUNY Oswego. I was extremely surprised when he told me. My mentor, Xorje, has been extremely helpful, kind, and easy-going as well. John Fugelsang himself is also very knowledgeable about the topics given to him, from politics and the never ending Donald Trump hate to the treatment of dogs in animal shelters to general relationship stuff. As John puts it, the channel is basically NPR with humor. The show is a perfect fit for me.


You definitely won’t feel like the intern that just goes to get coffee. You’re actually working on the show: from pitching ideas to taking phone calls to working the sound board. My biggest project this internship is to come up with a few new segment ideas for the show. I have a few ideas in mind already, but I hope one of them really takes off before the internship is over. I’ve also met a wide range of celebrities that have come on to the show (ex. Judah Friedlander (best known as Frank from 30 Rock), Brent Spiner, Rita Coolidge, Tavis Smiley) as well as names I’ve never heard of. One time, we even had a cat guru call in to the show.


Side note, I also went by Nick Jonas as I was walking into work one morning. I’m not kidding. I walked by Nick Jonas and I think he smiled at me as I passed by.


Working on TME and at SiriusXM in general have given me a much clearer direction of what I want to do after college, as well as a fun experience you wish will never end.



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