Joshua, Summer 2016 Music Programming Intern


I was interning at SXM two summers ago for the same department, which is programming for the EDM stations on SXM channels 51-55. Since this is my second time here, I know my supervisors very well as I have kept in touch with them.

They started me on a few assignments I will be doing regularly throughout the summer, including loading songs for certain radio shows they have coming up into the rotation. For example, each week the Chainsmokers do a show called the YouTube EDM 15, which consists of 15 songs that are blowing up on YouTube right now and Drew and Alex talk before and after each of the 15 songs. My Job was to load in those 15 songs for them to play.

Also, one of their key attributes on channel 52 is airing live sets and interviews from DJs at major music festivals around the world. A few weeks ago was EDC Vegas, which is their biggest festival coverage of the year and my job was to take the list of DJs they were going to interview and write a 2-3 sentence biography about them to prep the radio DJs, who are also my supervisors, for the interviews.

Some of the coolest things I’ve gotten to do though are projects like editing some of the weekly radio shows that the DJs record and send to Electric Area/BPM to be aired. So not only do I get to listen to the shows before they’re aired, I also get to edit it and make it sound better/cleaner, which I find very interesting. Also, they do BPM benders every once in a while, where a DJ comes in to do a mix for an hour or so and is broadcasted live on BPM. Usually Ben Harvey will talk to the artists/ask him questions during the mix as well as answer calls from fans that are calling across the country to talk to the DJ. I had the job of screening the calls and answering the phone first to see what the caller wanted to talk about and then write it on the monitor for Ben to look at, thus deciding if they were to take the caller or not.

I am happy to be back in this office and really like the guys I’m working with. It seems that being this is my second time interning with EDM programming, they are giving me more hands-on assignments in and out of the studio, which is what I was hoping for coming into the summer. Overall, it’s been an amazing experience so far and can’t wait for what the rest of the summer brings.


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