Kavya, Summer 2016 Business Intelligence Intern



This is my second internship with SiriusXM as a Business Intelligence Intern with the data architecture team and it has been one hell of an experience! Internships change the way you look at everything you have learnt in school. My internship taught me how the corporate world works and how my skills can be put to use to build something new and change something old. I was exposed to the world of Data science, analytics and business intelligence. I got to learn so many new technologies and visualization techniques. This is when I truly understood the worth of my computer science skills. I realized that technologies and mediums are going to keep evolving but the knowledge of algorithms and logical reasoning is something that will remain and help you grow. In these times at SiriusXM, I also became more aware of my existence as a woman in the world of Computer science. I never knew it could be so inspiring.  Being the only woman in my team, it makes me proud and motivates me to work harder.

My mentor, Biju is helping and fun to work with. I am grateful to all the members of my team for teaching me so much -Suraj, Habib, Prasad, Nitin and a special thanks to Srikanth for being a professor to me in the office!

Now that I am going to graduate next semester, when I look back I feel blessed to have gotten this opportunity at SiriusXM. I not only found my calling but I also gained the most advanced skills that can change so much in the world. I feel proud when I think that I have decided to dedicate my life to data science, which in my opinion is the most powerful science our world has seen. And if given an opportunity I would love to work with SiriusXM sometime again in the future!


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