Regan, Summer 2016 Marketing Intern (D.C. Office)

I cannot believe that June is almost over, my time spent interning at SiriusXM has flown by.  As this is my first internship, initially it was a little overwhelming, running around to different meetings, meeting many very interesting people, and learning basic office procedures.  But overall, the entire experience has been nothing but enjoyable so far thanks to the amazingly welcoming and supportive atmosphere here.


I have been working with Database Marketing and Affinity Partnerships to help target the market of used car buyers and college students.  I have been compiling data to create a history of the marketing leads provided by third party companies to later reveal market trends.  I also have been researching different music streaming companies and their marketing strategies, particularly how they target college students.   I look forward to learning all the interesting aspects of general office work as well as marketing specifically.

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