Stephanie, Summer 2016 Talk Programming Intern – Urban View



The first few weeks of my internship with The Karen Hunter Show on Urban View have been great!  I have already learned so much and have had a lot of hands on teaching.  My mentor, Jameson, will show me how to do something a couple of times, watch me perform the task until he is confident I can do it on my own, and then he will give me tasks each day to get done before our live show.

My day usually consists of pre-promoting guests on the Urban View Twitter before the show, pull audio from news organizations to be used during the show, studio set-up, live-tweeting the show, call screening, putting the show OnDemand, and finally taking audio from the show and putting it on Soundcloud.  I have also been given the opportunity to work on the board during the show.  I started working the board during my second week of the internship.  I would send the show to a commercial break and then come back.  When Jameson and the show’s board operator, Anthony, were confident I knew my way around the board, I worked it for one of the show’s three hours.  On June 28, I was on the board for the entire show.

This internship is unlike any job I have ever worked.  I have never been given this much responsibility this fast and I couldn’t be happier.

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