Andrew, Summer 2016 Talk Programming Intern – Stand Up! with Pete Dominick

Since my last journal entry, I have steadily grown more confident in my duties at Stand Up With Pete Dominick. Coming to work I am just as excited as I was during the first couple weeks on the show. This month we have delved  into the presidential conversation, providing detailed coverage of both the Republican National Convention and the Democratic National Convention. With both Pete and Alfred in the field, I have taken on a larger role during and outside of the show.


During the show this month I have continued my role screening calls and am learning more about what goes into the shows production. Over the last two weeks I have learned the basics for running the control board, such as what faders correspond to what systems (ex. prophet, dalet, ect.). Additionally, recently I learned how to update the station ID.


Outside of the show, I continue to pitch ideas and potential guests for the show.  In addition to pitching ideas and guests, this month I was trained on Adobe Audition and the process of pulling and editing clips. This allows me to further contribute to the show by finding and editing clips that I find online for the show.


In my last month on the show, I look forward to learning more about the control board and ultimately running the board during a show segment. Additionally, I look forward to sitting in on other shows and learning how they differ from the show I work on. Overall, my internship experience at Sirius Radio has flown by and I look forward to my last month on Stand Up!

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