Melanie, Summer 2016 Information Technology Intern


Melanie Greene


I feel very fortunate interning at SiriusXM Radio for the summer. I am thoroughly enjoying my time in the information technology department. I have learned so much within my first month due to my mentor David and his team. The experience I am receiving is completely different than reading from a textbook. I value hands-on learning because there is nothing like diving into the field and learning first hand.


My mentor encourages me to ask questions, which I always take every opportunity to do so. Presently, my mentor has been dealing with migrating clients from Windows 7 to Windows 8. I have been managing the tickets that are given to me by my mentor, imaging machines with the SiriusXM build, replacing and building desktops, and visiting clients who are experiencing issues with their equipment. One lesson I have learned from my mentor and his team is to always troubleshoot.


Throughout my first month I have already met wonderful people from different departments. My goal within my remaining time is to be able to shadow some employees I met. I hope to be able to explore the departments that I have interests in such as interactive media, web design, and marketing.


As a woman in tech I feel very lucky to be able to work alongside two other female interns in the IT department. I hope more women decide to emerge in the technology field – I definitely am an advocate for it. The work I have done so far has given me a great amount of confidence. Being able to work with equipment and deal with real life situations is very rewarding to me. I am excited to learn more and experience all that this internship has to offer.


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