Andre, Fall 2016 Intern for The Catholic Channel

It has been a few weeks since first stepping foot in the NYC Home base of SiriusXM, and I am still in disbelief that I get to intern here. After well over four years of being a listener and a fan, this internship is still a dream to me! What puts the cherry on top is that I get to be behind the scenes of “Seize The Day with Gus Lloyd” on The Catholic Channel (SXM 129), the one show that my folks and I listen and talk about all the time.

I am absorbing everything like a sponge and I am learning not only the new, high-tech devices used in studio, but also how to broadcast to a continental audience. There are two lessons that I picked up that I am extremely thankful for. The first is understanding the audience. From past experiences, I got to understand an audience from a local region- towns, cities- all with very similar mindsets and values. Now, I am talking to people on the phone daily across the United States and Canada. Though all who call have a religious inclination, their values are very different and that is what entertains me the most. The next lesson I learned so far is how to be a talk show host. From listening to Gus and how he delivers to how my mentor Scott identifies what makes good radio to getting tips by “Word to Life” host Father John Maria Devaney, I get to develop my style as a talk show host and be able to deliver much better material.

The last feeling I will share to you in this episode of my journal is star struck. Yes, I got to see many celebrities, some of even who I adore, but I am not only star struck for them. I am star struck because I see my hard work pay off in the airwaves. A rough, yet fun episode of “Seize the Day” ended with Gus Lloyd thanking me and giving me a shout-out. Boy, was I shocked! Later that day, a promo I was working on for well over a week got approved for airtime. What I did not expect was hearing it on the air in my car with my folks the same day.

Hard work pays off indeed. You just got to have fun with that work and live the dream!

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