Katherine, Fall 2016 Intern in Subscriber Retention Marketing

My first few weeks interning with SiriusXM in the Subscriber Retention Marketing department have already been filled with countless new experiences. I have already been given the opportunity to work closely with my mentor and other members of the Subscriber Retention Marketing team to learn about different strategies that are implemented to keep present subscribers, as well as different strategies that are implemented to regain past subscribers. By learning about these different strategies and why they are used, I have gained a great amount of insight about marketing and what a huge impact it is for a company.

In my first couple weeks I have also had the opportunity to learn about ESOs (exclusive subscriber opportunities). Furthermore, I have been able to work many of the ESO events that occur in the NYC office, such as the Town Hall events. By doing this I have been able to work closely with subscribers, learn more about how to work entertainment events, and watch interviews of many talented musicians and actors. The past few weeks as an intern with SiriusXM have already exceeded my expectations, so I can’t wait to see what the rest of the semester has in store.

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