Jasper, Fall 2016 Sports Programming Intern

When I first learned I was going to be interning at Sirius XM, I was incredibly excited and honored to have received such an opportunity. Three weeks into my internship, that excitement has only increased. Working with athletes like Brady Quinn, Maurice Jones-Drew and Brett Favre, who I so distinctly remember watching on television while I was growing up is truly a thrilling and almost surreal experience. But even more importantly, the people I work with are incredibly friendly, respectful and truly interested in helping me learn and grow as an intern.

When I first interviewed for this internship, I was told that SiriusXM interns are there to learn, not to fetch coffee and stand by a printer. I’ve found this to be overwhelmingly true. When I come in, I always feel like I’m being treated as a part of the team, and not a burden. Everyone, from my mentor, to the hosts of the programs and other SiriusXM employees are welcoming and inclusive. I love coming in to work, and I look forward to learning more and honing my skills over the next eleven weeks.

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