John, Fall 2016 Music Programming Intern

I was never more thrilled than when i got the call from SiriusXM that I was selected as a Fall intern. To work in NYC, the number one broadcasting market in the world, has been a dream for a very long time. Throw into that dream working for the biggest Radio station in the world, and you have the makings of a very happy me. I was as nervous as anyone could be on the first day. I was not accustomed to traveling into the city so everything on that first day was completely new. Upon arrival we (the interns) were greeted by the helpful and friendly security. Upon reaching the proper floor of the building, we all could see on each others faces how excited, thrilled , and apprehensive we were (the glow of the SiriusXM sign behind us listing off the names of the days guests and talents, added just a bit more weight to those emotions). After a short while we were shown to a board room where we introduced ourselves and were given an insight into what was expected of us and how things would work. Speaking for myself, this is where i settled down and felt wonderfully lucky to work for such an awesome company. Since that first day they have kept us busy and it feels like we learn something new at least 10 times in a single days worth of work. The only coffee I have gotten is my own and everyone has been courteous, patient, and kind. I look forward to the months ahead, and maybe if I am very lucky and with lots of hard work, beyond that. SiriusXM is no place you would ever want to leave once you have stepped foot inside.

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