Lauren, Fall 2016 Digital Marketing Intern (D.C. Office)

On my first full day of my internship, I was able to sit in on a two hour meeting listening about plans to redesign SiriusXM’s website. Using A/B testing for different home landing pages, our team was able to identify which layout produced the highest conversion rate over the past few months. This type of experience is something that I never thought I would receive coming in as an intern, let alone on my first day. We discussed different reasons for placing lifestyle versus content advertisements on the website and what would be the most effective for our potential consumers. It was so interesting to the see the process involved in making every decision and how our website is continuously evolving. The team concluded that further research was needed before launching its new pages, so I have been able to follow closely alongside this project to see its updates.

Since arriving, I have been welcomed whole-heartedly by everyone in the office and across departments. While I have only been here for two weeks, I feel as though it has been much longer. One of my semester-long projects is to interview members of the team so I can understand each moving piece of the puzzle to SiriusXM. This alone has helped me become closer to people in the office and have a better idea of what I want my professional career to look like one day. While my mentor is constantly teaching me new programs and skills, I feel as though everyone in the office who I have spoken with has served as a source of guidance.

Besides interviewing employees in the Marketing department, I have also done some research to help provide details and information that could potentially help with the future A/B testing. So far I have looked at competitors’ website architectures and how their sitemaps align with their company’s mission statements. Additionally, I have researched the type of advertisements used on competitor’s homepages in order to determine which strategy is most common and why.

Something really unique about this SiriusXM is how its internship program is geared towards growing and developing its interns. While the company wants us to produce high-quality, meaningful work, I can’t help but also notice how driven the program is to allow us to set our own goals and learn. I can’t wait to continue to understand further aspects of what ‘digital marketing’ truly means for SiriusXM and how I can personally help to make a difference.

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