Melanie, Summer 2016 Information Technology Intern

Melanie Greene

Over the summer I had the privilege of interning at SiriusXM within the Business Intelligence department of the company. I have had an unforgettable experience. Since I started back in June, I have gained a vast amount of knowledge and hands-on experience dealing with equipment and developing relationships. Establishing a good professional working relationship is essential to getting the job done, and hopefully opening the doors to professional development in the future.

Throughout my internship I have replaced and allocated equipment to my co-workers, moved employees from one location to another, replaced hardware in desktops, managed the inventory of hardware in Active Directory, reviewed the updates of machines in System Center Configuration Manager, and fulfilled tickets generated by employees on ServiceNow. Additionally, I have updated the inventory of hardware in our Access database and created excel spreadsheets to keep track of newly acquired hardware. I also imaged machines with the SiriusXM build. My tasks changed every day depending on what my mentor asked me to do.

I feel that I have gained many new skills and strengthened many old ones. To work in this field or any industry, I have learned that it is essential to have stellar communication skills when asking the right questions, to manage customer relationships, and to troubleshoot relentlessly. These skills can be applied to a variety of jobs because they are invaluable.

During my time at SiriusXM, I looked forward to attending each intern event. The Snack and Learn Sessions allowed me to meet people that are involved in different departments so that I could fully understand how the company runs. The employees that spoke explained their journey that led them to SiriusXM, which I found fascinating. Their stories were informative, but most of all motivating. At the Intern Celebration Luncheon I was able to meet other interns and hear about what their positions entailed. Thank you Bonnie for arranging these events – they exposed me to the endless opportunities that exist.

One of my favorite parts of this internship has been meeting so many interesting employees from different walks of life and career backgrounds. I have met Java Developers, Web Designers, Application Developers, Marketing Managers, among many others – everyone’s job contributes to the success of the company. Everyone has been so kind to me and I cannot thank them enough for making me feel so comfortable and providing an environment for me to thrive and learn. I will most definitely be remaining in contact with everyone that I met and worked with. I hope the door remains open so that I could embark on more opportunities with SiriusXM.

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