Miranda, Summer 2016 Music Programming Intern, NYC Studios

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As the internship program winds down, I am faced with the conflicting feelings of excitement and sadness. I’m excited to go back to school and apply what I learned during my internship, but I am sad that my time at SiriusXM is almost complete. Being here has been nothing short of incredible, and I can’t even begin to list all the things I have learned thanks to this program. I am heading back to school feeling more confident than I ever have before.

SiriusXM’s internship program has opened my eyes to so many new and interesting opportunities that I can take advantage of when I graduate from college. I have had the opportunity to meet and network with so many people within my own department, as well as those of other departments. I am leaving with a well-rounded perspective of SiriusXM, getting to try my hand at so many different aspects within the company.

Over the course of the semester, I had an opportunity to network with so many new people. With the help of Bonnie, as well as my mentors, I had a chance to meet with some fantastic connections and learn more about what options there are within the company. I had a chance to sit in on an interview which was recorded for broadcast, see how all the departments intertwine, and got a more in depth look as to how shows are created.

If I had to give the incoming interns one new piece of advice, I would tell them to network as much as possible. Talk to anybody you can- they don’t bite. Make yourself known and stand out if you can. Meeting and connecting with new people can change your entire experience here. Remember though- don’t just make the connection, maintain it. Maintaining contact with a connection is crucial, and can give you an edge when the time comes to reach out to them. SiriusXM has plenty of people to get connected with, so take advantage of your time here and get to know people. Everybody here wants to help and see you succeed, so never be afraid to open up.

The support that I received during this internship is greater than I could have ever imagined. I made some great memories, and some even greater friends. I feel ready to take on the real world come graduation, knowing that I have this new set of skills and insight that I didn’t have before this summer. This internship has helped me grow more than I could have ever imagined and it’s a bittersweet moment to say “see you later” to SiriusXM.


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