Michelle, Fall 2016 Ad Sales Intern


I have been at SiriusXM for almost a month now and my experience has been nothing but phenomenal thus far! Since my first day here everyone was welcoming and got me right up to speed with what was going on in our department. By my second week here I was able to sit in team meetings and give my insight on various projects that my mentors were working on. It is a great experience to be able to have my voice heard and just being able to feel like my input is being useful. I love that my role here does not limit me to just administrative work, but requires me to tap into my creative side and utilize my peers to create something that will go nation-wide. Currently, my mentor has me working on writing a few spot promos that will actually go on air! I thoroughly cannot wait to see what the next few weeks have left for me, but I am definitely continuing to absorb as much information and knowledge while I am here!

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