Tori, Fall 2016 Brand Marketing Intern



As we come up on the half way point of the internship, I can proudly say that being a part of the branding team here at SiriusXM has been such a fun experience. I am grateful to be on a team of friendly people who have been so kind in making me feel welcomed and involved in the department, even though I’m only in twice a week. I’ve had a number of other internships to compare this to and this is surely my favorite to date. In fact, I’m already certain that I’d be more than happy to work with SiriusXM again!

Coming into this position, I wasn’t sure exactly what role branding would play within the organization, as it can differ from company to company. From what I’ve gathered so far, the brand team is a crucial component to ensuring that every piece of content (whether it be digital, print, video, on-air…) that is released by SiriusXM falls appropriately under the guidelines of the overall brand. So, every channel and every internal team will have their own projects and objectives, and Brand’s role is to tie all of the work back under a consistent SiriusXM tone, look, and feel. This can mean suggesting edits on and approving creatives, as well as managing the execution of these projects across multiple teams. I’ve been working on a few projects including a new channel launch (VOLUME 10/17!!), promotions for our upcoming Free Listening period (tune in 11/16-11/29!), and planning how we will make use of our ad space in publications like Billboard and EW. One very exciting moment was flipping through Billboard and seeing the ads that I previewed on my first day actually in print – so cool!

I’m really happy to be a part of this because I feel confirmed in knowing that brand marketing is a career path I want to continue on. For me, branding is the perfect mix of creativity, planning, and organization.  I’ve learned plenty from my other internships, but this is one that has been the most involved, which gives me the confidence of knowing I’d be satisfied with settling into a branding role (or one similar). My goal in interning has always primarily been to discover what I like, and more importantly what I don’t like, to avoid committing to a full-time role that I’m not happy with. This experience is definitely helping me accomplish that. I am Intern Happy 🙂



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