Lauren, Digital Marketing Intern – D.C. Office

(post written on 11/29/16)

It’s almost scary to think about how quickly this semester at SiriusXM has gone by! I only have 3 more work days before I have to say goodbye to all my co-workers and wrap up my internship here. Balancing being a full time student with working at SiriusXM has been a challenge, but one that I have thoroughly enjoyed every second of. The constant fast-paced work environment at SiriusXM is one that I thrive in because of how stimulating the work is and how passionate all the employees are about their jobs. I can’t help but notice there are many employees that have been here for nearly 10 years or more just because of how much they enjoy their work.

Over the past month since my last blog post, I have worked extensively in Adobe Analytics. Lara, a senior analyst, has trained me in using this program to create different types of reports. She even began to train me on a more complicated extension of Adobe called Ad Hoc Analysis. This program allows people to make more in-depth, filtered reports on website data and map out customer journeys based on their clicks. This tool was actually extremely helpful when going through the exercise of customer mapping, to see how people navigate our website. Using Adobe Analytics, I was even able to help out the director of senior programming by creating a Traffic & Weather internal key word search report for his project!

Another very interesting program I have been briefed on is called Axure. After interviewing Zak who is Director of User Experience, I became very interested in learning the fundamentals of creating wireframes since it seemed to overlap a lot with design. This program essentially builds web pages without the back end code. This makes the entire process of redesigning the website a lot smoother. In order to further understand how to use it, I have been watching tutorials and looking at other employee’s past wireframe designs.  This has definitely sparked my interest and could be something that I further look into after my internship!

Recently, many of the tools that SiriusXM uses on a day to day basis for marketing purposes are at the end of their contract and we are in the process of either re-contracting or finding a new service. Some of the biggest assignments I have completed consist of competitor research for new social media publishing tools, Usability platforms, and Survey companies. This type of analysis has been interesting to see the wide array of companies that focus specifically on enhancing different aspects of digital marketing. It has allowed me to realize the extent to which “marketing” has become such an important and valued department in every business. There is a growing emphasis on making sure companies are marketing in the most efficient way possible in order to reach their target audiences.

The past 3 months here have been such a treat. I am so thankful for my time at SiriusXM, being able to learn the basics of many different web analysis tools and for meeting the amazing employees who have helped me develop my professional career goals. Everyone has been genuinely interested in helping me grow as an intern and show me their passions of why they come into work every day. Thanks for everything, SiriusXM!

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