Julia, Talk Programming Intern – NYC Studio


Interning with Jenny McCarthy at SiriusXM has taught me a lot about my strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. I initially wanted to work on a music show with Sirius, but agreed to work in talk programming when the music position was filled and no longer available. Although hesitant prior to the beginning of my internship, I quickly adjusted to the talk radio atmosphere and can see myself continuing along this path in the future. I love talk radio’s fast-paced environment and the cheeky style of Jenny’s show. I have noticed that while everyone working on the show likes to have fun, they take their jobs very seriously. The show takes on a sarcastic tone that is hard to abandon off the air, but everyone who works on the show does an amazing job of balancing humor with hard work. My multi-tasking abilities were put to the test this week when two of the four people working on the show were out sick. I had to perform my regular intern duties while also filling in for one of the show’s producers. This gave me the opportunity to take on more responsibility and show my capabilities to my mentors. I would like to continue taking on difficult and demanding tasks for the show. The show’s producers asked me to compile a list of potential guests for the show (an assignment I thoroughly enjoyed and it felt great to know my thoughts and ideas were valued). This is something I hope to do more of throughout my internship. Once I sent the list in, the producers told me how impressed they were. I plan to keep a running list of potential guests to send to them weekly. Additionally, I look forward to other radio production tasks such as audio editing in order to expand my radio repertoire.


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