Naureen, Information Technology Intern – New York City

It’s completely crazy to me that there is only two weeks left of my internship at SiriusXM. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was sitting in the conference room with all the other interns during orientation, completely unaware of what to expect from it. Time really flew by and it makes me sad that I’ll have to say goodbye to this soon. I’ve been working as the IT Intern over at the 5 Penn Plaza location and it’s been really fun! I’ve learned so much while working here, and that’s how I would describe this whole internship as – a learning experience. My mentor, David, has taught me the ins and outs of what him and his team do. He has allowed me to learn at my own pace, make mistakes, and always has full confidence that I’ll get the hang of the different tasks he assigns me. My other co-worker, Sami, has taken me under his wing and helps me out a lot when I struggle with something or need assistance. Aside from them, everyone else has also been super welcoming and friendly. Overall, this internship has taught me a lot. I love SiriusXM and it has been a pleasure working with everyone. Hopefully, in the future, I can come back!

Juan, Intern at the Cousin Brucie Show – New York City


Once I knew I was returning to intern at SiriusXM for a second session, I felt that I knew what to expect. However, after my first day I knew that I needed much more to learn. Joining the Cousin Brucie team has allowed me to learn a style of broadcasting that’s unique, but can be used everywhere. Cousin Brucie’s style keeps you on your toes, because at any moment he will go live and change up the schedule. From working the audio board and creating show logs on Prophet to learning the beginning stages of Zetta, I’ve gotten a well-rounded experience on in studio programming. Since my first day, Cousin Brucie treated me as a producer and always gave me words of encouragement and constructive criticism on my work. The team around him also provided me with helpful advice in challenging my ears and showing me shortcuts in editing.

My first go around here, I joined a show where I wasn’t familiar with the genre. Doing this a second time I feel that I am able to adapt to any environment.  After countless critiques and long days working on editing, I can firmly say that I am confident in my board operating skills and at the same time learned more about a genre I was not familiar with at all.

Samuel, Sports Programming Intern – New York City

My time here at SiriusXM as an intern has been pleasant. I have previous experience in the field from my past internships, but nothing like this one. Before coming in, I had very little experience dealing with radio. But with the help of my mentors Tom and Erik, my knowledge in the field has expanded greatly.

I have been working under the NFL network department since the end of January. The hands on experience has been great and I have been able to work the sound board on a consistent basis. I had never worked a sound board before, but now I feel like I am a pro at it.  I have also increased my knowledge in editing software like Adobe Audition and profit. I have seen first hand what it takes to produce a successful show. I also get time in the newsroom as well to help cut up clips that can be used for any show at any time.

I am very happy with the experience that I am obtaining here at Sirius XM. I would definitely recommend this internship.