Juan, Intern at the Cousin Brucie Show – New York City


Once I knew I was returning to intern at SiriusXM for a second session, I felt that I knew what to expect. However, after my first day I knew that I needed much more to learn. Joining the Cousin Brucie team has allowed me to learn a style of broadcasting that’s unique, but can be used everywhere. Cousin Brucie’s style keeps you on your toes, because at any moment he will go live and change up the schedule. From working the audio board and creating show logs on Prophet to learning the beginning stages of Zetta, I’ve gotten a well-rounded experience on in studio programming. Since my first day, Cousin Brucie treated me as a producer and always gave me words of encouragement and constructive criticism on my work. The team around him also provided me with helpful advice in challenging my ears and showing me shortcuts in editing.

My first go around here, I joined a show where I wasn’t familiar with the genre. Doing this a second time I feel that I am able to adapt to any environment.  After countless critiques and long days working on editing, I can firmly say that I am confident in my board operating skills and at the same time learned more about a genre I was not familiar with at all.

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