Samuel, Sports Programming Intern – New York City

My time here at SiriusXM as an intern has been pleasant. I have previous experience in the field from my past internships, but nothing like this one. Before coming in, I had very little experience dealing with radio. But with the help of my mentors Tom and Erik, my knowledge in the field has expanded greatly.

I have been working under the NFL network department since the end of January. The hands on experience has been great and I have been able to work the sound board on a consistent basis. I had never worked a sound board before, but now I feel like I am a pro at it.  I have also increased my knowledge in editing software like Adobe Audition and profit. I have seen first hand what it takes to produce a successful show. I also get time in the newsroom as well to help cut up clips that can be used for any show at any time.

I am very happy with the experience that I am obtaining here at Sirius XM. I would definitely recommend this internship.

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