Cameron, Sports Programming Intern (NFL) – NYC Studios

It’s been nearly a month since beginning my internship at SiriusXM headquarters in New York City. Honestly, I had no idea what to expect first coming in to the gig. All I knew was that a great opportunity to work for one of the most highly touted media companies was there for me. Immediately after day one, I realized that it would be enjoyable showing up to work each and every day. It’s the people who fill the rooms that make the SiriusXM internship experience unforgettable. Each person I’ve met thus far  has been super nice and professional, which speaks volumes in regards to the standard the company holds for itself. It’s nice to show up at work and be surrounded by others who genuinely love their job.

My aspirations have always been to work in the field of sports broadcasting. There hasn’t really ever been anything that I’ve wanted to do. So, I’m living the dream working at SiriusXM. The channel I work with – SiriusXM NFL radio – features some of the best talent in the game. Tom  and Erik are two outstanding, professional individuals that truly embody the meaning of success within the field of sports broadcasting. Each day I am presented with a new challenge from them that helps me develop as a more well-rounded broadcaster.

The SiriusXM Blitz is the show, Bruce Murray and Brady Quinn are the hosts, and everyone involved with the program has been wonderful to work with thus far.  My role isn’t huge as an intern, but is still very important.

My role isn’t huge as an intern, but is still very important. On my second day, I helped stir the pot in the discussion by presenting Tom with a TMZ tweet on Michael Floyd that really carried the weight for the remainder of the show. Staying alert, present and engaging really played a huge part in receiving a positive response within the internship experience. Kind of cool to play a part even if it was small. My goal for the upcoming month is to master the soundboard through reps, reps, and more reps.

Finally, it has been a surreal experience interacting with media icons such as Ice Cube, Bruce Murray, and Shawne Merriman. An opportunity meet someone of high social importance doesn’t come too often for a kid from Alabama. But, I didn’t come up here to be star-struck, but to learn how to effectively interact with people of celebrity status. Maybe one day my on-air ability will carry me to the national level and I will have the chance to host celebrities. That’s if I’m lucky. My point is that I’d be able to look back, point to my time at SiriusXM, and say, “Ok, there is where the ball truly started rolling for me.”

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