Josh, Sports Programming (NFL) Intern – NYC Studios

Even though I have only spent four weeks as an Intern on SiriusXM’s NFL channel, I have already learned so much. My mentor Eddie has been extremely helpful and has gone above and beyond to teach me as much as possible from the moment I walked in the door. Eddie has done a great job of making sure I understand each aspect of a radio broadcast.

The most intimidating part of the internship has been running the soundboard. However, with Eddie’s guidance I have become more and more comfortable each time. I have also spent time creating promos using adobe audition and have had some experience in the newsroom. I have already learned so much in such a short time.

Perhaps the best part of the internship is how much each person loves their position and the non-stop sports conversations in the studio. Each day I learn something new and I am so thankful to have my internship at SiriusXM!

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