Giovanni, Sports Programming (RUSH) Intern, NYC Studios

I can’t thank SiriusXM enough for the opportunity to gain such important and useful experience at a top radio network. I’ve learned a lot from my internship here on the Sports Programming side of things that I will surely be able to take with me in my career. The reason for my internship being such a success is all of the people I worked with, from my mentor to all of the hosts, producers and board operators.

The people I worked with at SiriusXM were genuine people. From the first day, my mentor Marissa set goals and expectations for me to meet and she’s guided me the entire way along with the help of Chris,  Josh and Alex just to name a few. I’ve learned how to screen calls and write rundowns correctly. I’ve learned how to tailor the SoundClouds to the way the channel wants them to be and create them from scratch. I’ve learned how to make promos and had multiple approved. Using Prophet and getting on a live soundboard also seemed really intimidating, but with the help of everyone here, I’ve learned not to fear it and that it’s not bad at all. These are just some of the multitude of things I’ve learned ranging from being in an On-Air, Live studio to doing post-production work. The shows themselves were also really fun and unique. I had the privilege of working with Busted Open, The Luke Thomas Show, MMA Tonight and At the Fights. Each one of them possesses qualities that make them great, high-quality content shows.

Most importantly, I’ve learned that it’s okay to make a mistake. No one here judged me for making a mistake. In fact, they encouraged me not to be afraid to because mistakes make you better at what you do. You learn from your mistakes through repetition and it motivates you to get better each time you’re handed or set with a task.

For any college student that is looking to go into radio, there’s no question that this is the place to be. I truly mean it when I say I had such a positive experience at SiriusXM. The people here will guide you, make you feel involved and you’ll always have something to do. When you leave, you’ll have so much experience and new skills to take with you wherever you go next. For me though, I hope to continue being a part of the SiriusXM family as I look to start my career after college.

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