Joseph, Music Programming Intern (Cousin Brucie) – NYC Studios

When looking back at my time at Sirius I can only think of two things, the incredible fun I had and the amount of experience I gained. Over the last 9 months (I did two internships) I have developed a sense of home here, with everyone welcoming me to the company. I have had nothing but amazing experiences with the staff and my mentors. Both Colton and Brucie have gone above and beyond where I thought they’d go, teaching me so much about the industry and about where I want my career to go. Going into this internship I was unsure about my future and where I should go. After this internship I now know where I want to go in the industry and what I want to strive towards. They have both been the best mentors a person can have and I look forwards to keeping in contact with them as time goes on. This was a wonderful and incredibly educational time for me, learning more in the last 9 months that I have in years! I feel confident going forward that I can tackle any challenge because of the mentoring I was given, and hopefully my journey here isn’t over quiet yet.

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