Kavita, IT/Business Intelligence Intern – NYC Office

I still remember my first day at SiriusXM, my mentor greeted me and  introduced me to everyone on the team. From day one, I never felt that this place is new to me.  People were so welcoming and kind. My mentor then showed me to my desk, then my day started. My team made sure I get access as soon as possible, so I can start my work.

The first week went into getting access, meanwhile I read all the documentation regarding Informatica,Vertica.

From Second week I started working on real projects. They always challenged me. I am so grateful to my mentor and all other team members that they took time out from their busy schedule to answer all my questions patiently.  Open communication was one of the strongest and most apparent skills that I learned during my internship.

My team members never considered me as an intern.  They always considered me as one of their team mate.  They involve me in every team meeting.  Friday lunch was my favorite part, as the whole team go out to eat.

And time flew so fast… today was my last day at SiriusXM. They really gave me nice farewell and with heavy heart I left the office.

SiriusXM takes very good care of intern, especially Bonnie…she always made sure everything is going well. Talent Acquisition Team arranged career workshop for intern where they guided us how to grow your network, interview and all necessary stuff for successful career.

I would definitely recommend an internship with SiriusXM to all students.  My experience with SiriusXM was rewarding and challenging.




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