Michael, Finance Intern – NYC Office

An internship with SiriusXM is truly a blessing for any student. The exposure I received to the workforce and the skills I’ve learned over the past few months made this internship unlike any of the others that I have done in the past. Being a finance and economics major in school comes with limited Microsoft Excel exposure. The opportunity to work alongside my mentors, whom are currently working the very positions I aspire to be in, not only enhanced my skills in the Excel program but also provided me insight to what my life consists of after graduation. Under their guidance, I learned many new skills that will assist me in my transition from a being a student to becoming a member of the working world. In addition to the hands-on experience, the internship also featured workshops that bestowed valuable information on interview and resume preparation skills. I have shared my experience with my family and friends in hopes that they take the initiative to apply for an internship at SiriusXM so that they can experience what I have over these past few months.

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