Chris, Automotive Re-Marketing Partnership Intern – NYC Office

I am an MBA student and I am so glad to have received the opportunity to make my first big step into the entertainment industry with SiriusXM. I never imagined that I would get to work on so many diverse and key projects while seeing them from start to finish. The great aspect of the Automotive Re-Marketing Partnership team is that things are always moving. I was able to stay pretty busy and learn so much!

Working on the Automotive Pre Owned Marketing Partnerships team has given me great insight as to what it’s like to work for an entertainment company while providing content on a b2b level. I learned how to move my mindset from one of b2c to one of b2b and got the opportunity to work on a large diverse array of projects. I got the opportunity to work on a Super Bowl Sweepstakes ad for our automotive partners. I got to learn the entire process starting from creating the idea, to how the ad is created, to how we go about executing on a reach strategy. I also learned about all the different departments that come together and how they synergize on different projects. (This included tasks like making sure to get talent reviewed/approved on marketing items, making sure legal takes a look at wording/information and the internal content team putting together and reviewing the marketing piece). I also worked on a Facebook and LinkedIn campaign, which helped me learn different aspects about digital targeting.

One personal project that I really got to lead from start to “almost finish” involved creating a new outreach strategy to reach dealers by utilizing dealer focused podcasts. (I did quite a bit competitive research and this was one my ideas that I presented). I contacted the podcast group, gathered information on how they operate, and figured out how we could most effectively work together. From there I put together a presentation on the data I collected, the objectives, advantages for SiriusXM and next steps. I was able to present this to upper management, with the team, and have the idea approved!

Thank you Laura, Terry and Caroline for being such awesome Mentors!! Thank you Patrick, David, Aubrey, and Bonnie for everything that you do!! I will never forget my experience here. Thank you for everything, SiriusXM!!!