Jane, Folk Music Programming Intern – DC Office

As a senior about to graduate from Georgetown University with a dream of following my passion for music, I wanted to spend this final semester learning everything I could about the music industry.  With a background in the label world after two internships at Sony Music, I hoped to immerse myself in another branch of the business to broaden my knowledge. An internship at SiriusXM was the perfect opportunity. After three months working with Mary Sue and Sean in Music Programming, I certainly achieved my goal. I have learned an incredible amount and gained a perspective on music, artists, the recording process and touring process that has improved my understanding of the industry and also deepened my passion for a career in music at the same time.

One of the aspects of my internship that I find very engaging is the use of computer software – namely Zetta and Adobe Audition. As someone with a natural interest in technology, I have really enjoyed the process of learning how to use these programs. Since I was not familiar with either before the internship, I have been learning as I go – with Mary Sue’s and Sean’s guidance, of course. I feel that I have absorbed quickly and am now comfortable using the programs to mix radio shows, set seg points, channelize songs and edit artist interviews. I have developed a passion for editing and post-production that I hope to pursue in a career after the internship.

I also enjoyed attending artist interviews and recording sessions, which provided an invaluable look into behind-the-scenes of SiriusXM. As a seasoned radio interviewer with a natural skill for engaging artists, Mary Sue has demonstrated how to speak with artists, ask informed questions that elicit personal responses and construct a narrative through the editing process. In the past two months, I worked on a range of projects in this area including an interview with folk trio I’m With Her, a recording session with Drew & Ellie Holcomb, and a playlist segment with the rising band First-Aid Kit. Each of these taught me something new about working with artists and piqued my interest in the interview and recording process.

My favorite moment of the semester so far was presenting the members of I’m With Her with a harmonic analysis I completed of their song “See You Around.” I had previously mentioned to Mary Sue that I was preparing for a Music Theory exam, so she asked me to listen to the album and discover an interesting nugget to mention in the interview. The artists loved the analysis and were so appreciative I had taken a deeper look into their work and created a personal reflection on it. Developing this unique bond with the artist was inspiring and I hope to connect with many more artists like this in the future.

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