Jillian, Sports Programming Intern – NYC Office

When I decided to pursue sports broadcasting back in high school I always thought about how cool it would be to work in the field and be around so many players current and retired. But, I didn’t think I’d meet so many people right away. During my time here so far I’ve met so many players and talked to so many coaches and it’s been so awesome! A dream come true actually.

Though meeting all the players and coaches has been extremely awesome, my favorite aspect of the internship has been working with my producer, Louie, and board ops, Lexi and Danny. They are so much fun and have helped me learn much more about the field than I already knew. My internship here has definitely been one of my favorite experiences throughout my college career.

Over the last few weeks I have felt my confidence grow in regards to giving ideas on what to come out of breaks with, talking with Louie, Lexi and Danny about current topics, and just a general confidence in myself and the field. My internship here at Sirius has greatly impacted my love for sports radio.

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