Leonora, Talk Programming Intern, UrbanView – NYC Office

I have worked in the realms of the entertainment industry for over 5 years. About 3 years ago, I was invited to Sirius radio to aid with social media content during a live show. Before I left, I said to myself, I must work here. Interning for SiriusXM has more than confirmed my thoughts from my initial impression. I interned for the Karen Hunter Show/ SiriusXM UrbanView ch.126, for two semesters. I have learned and experienced more than I thought I would, through an internship. During this internship, I have built valuable relationships. I also expanded my skillset and knowledge in various areas pertaining to programming, production, events, campaigns, board engineering, social media marketing and some of the technical aspects of running a channel.

During my time Interning for SiriusXM UrbanView, I had the honor of working with other producers to launch Karen Hunter’s ‘Voter Registration’ campaign, a movement that I strongly believe in. I curated the social media campaign for the launch of 7 new shows on the channel. I gained experience and became fluid in producing a show from start to finish; from show prep, to completing tasks during a live show, to board operations, to post show tasks. I also enjoyed the diverse relationships I’ve gained through booking guest across the channel, networking, working with talent acquisition and producers, and through working with host during live and pre-tape shows. There have been so many amazing experiences that I will never forget. I’ve conducted both live and pre-tape shows, conducted interviews for media packaging purposes, completed several projects and managed the channels social media platforms. I had the honor of being a part of over 7 Town Hall Specials, 4 (+) discussion panels and events (both on and offsite). For these events I aided in preparation, worked as a social media correspondent, and curated media packages for post promotions. I remember prepping to launch Karen Hunter’s ‘Voter Registration’ Drive and Tour, completing my task for her live shows and co-producing 3 specials within the span of two weeks: NAMIC NY, BE@T Time inc., SiriusXM’s AAG- African American Affinity Group “Overcoming the Color Barrier to Senior Leadership and Black Economic Empowerment in the Era 45. It was hectic but an experience I will never forget. My experience with this internship has proven to me, that I can handle anything that comes my way and provide results. It has also solidified my passion for producing, radio broadcasting, using my platform to make a change and this industry overall.

Although there were challenges, they were very exciting and informative. I truly enjoyed learning and being a part of SiriusXM’s team. We worked together to create ideas, execute our ideas through strategy and team work, and worked hard to fulfill goals. My mentors allowed me to truly dive in and gave me valuable advice and guidance along the way. They challenged me to set goals and excel past the expectations of just completing them. Karen Hunter and her team are resilient and have accomplished great things during my two semesters interning for the channel. They kept me busy with valuable work which ultimately expanded my portfolio and skillset. Thank you, Karen , Jameson , Anthony , Stephanie and Tremell for being life changing Mentors!! Thank you, Godfrey, for memorable moments during the Power Hour and to all the hosts of the channel. I will never forget my experience here. Karen you are such a phenomenal woman and I will forever be inspired by you. Thank you SiriusXM for everything!!

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