Lindsay, Public Relations Intern – NYC Office


Having that “city girl” internship experience had always been a dream of mine. Taking the train and the Subway and knowing exactly where I’m going. Swiping my fancy badge in the lobby to get into the elevator. Sitting in meetings with views of the city far below. And SiriusXM has given me that opportunity, as cheesy as it may sound!

As the sole public relations intern, I was first nervous that I wouldn’t be able to handle the workload, or that I would get lonely sitting at intern row. But only a few weeks in that fear was dispelled. Sure I’m busy a LOT, but I’m finally putting the skills of PR I’ve learned in school to the test! And my mentors here have been so helpful, and they give me freedom to do tasks that a junior level PR associate would be doing. Being the only PR intern has also given me the opportunity to work in different areas of SiriusXM: music, sports, politics, you name it. One day I could be writing a press release for talk show launching, and the next day I’m running Getty photographers from studio to studio to take photos of the countless celebrities that walk through our doors.

My favorite experience though has to be working a SiriusXM subscriber concert with Jason Aldean. My mentor brought me along to help handle the photographer and media check-in. So it was not only a learning experience, but I got to see Jason Aldean in a small intimate venue for free. Talk about internship perks!

This internship has been the perfect ending to my college career and I’m so sad to see it end. The professional connections I’ve made here I hope to keep as I begin my journey into the workforce in just a few short months.

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