Morgan, Digital Content Intern – NYC Office

SiriusXM is really the place for everyone. I applied to Digital Content thinking I would get a little social media experience, but I never expected that I’d get to build my video shooting and editing skills too! This department is so talented and filled with the kindest people, in fact I think the whole company is. I haven’t met a single person yet who isn’t supportive. The interns here are treated like part of the family. It’s such a great environment to learn in, and you really learn a lot. In digital content, I’ve written blog posts for the newsletter, helped shoot and edit videos that get pushed out on social media, and I’ve even gotten to create content from scratch. After this experience with SiriusXM, I feel more than prepared to enter the work world. I highly recommend this internship program to anyone who wants good mentors who allow you to do real work and get a full experience.

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