Andrew, Music Programming Intern – NYC Office

This summer I had the chance to intern with Sway In tH Morning on Shade 45. It has been an amazing experience just being a part of the crew and learning in the process as well. Since high school I’ve been a fan of the show and to be able to work on it and be there for special moments and moments will go down in history. I followed Sway starting with the cyphers and freestyles and just being an important figure in hip hop along with Heather B. Not only have they helped many talented artists get recognition in hip hop and beyond, but the also helped me and taught me a lot during this whole process.

I was nervous the first couple of days but soon got acclimated and understood what I needed to do everything was fine from then on. Everyone not he team is nice and available as well to talk to with any questions or concerns. I felt more than just an intern to be honest and they even said I was an assistant, when you’re on the show you’re one of the crew and you get to help out in more ways than one. Meeting celebrities was cool but hanging out with the team was honestly the best part of the day. No matter who it was Sway, Heather, Tracy, DB, OQ. DJ Wonder, Kelly Kinkaid, Mike Muse, or Rich Nice all treated me with respect and always gave me the confidence to do what I had to do.

While interning I learned how to use some of the software used in shows, how segments are made and presented, how to interact with guests and callers and more. Everyday there were new guests and new topics that were being brought up and it was never boring. I learned how the videos get up on youtube, the way zetta and ingest wizard operate. I can truly say that this was an amazing experience and enjoyed every single minute of it and am sad to leave but happy that I learned so much in the process and was given the opportunity of a lifetime.

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