Daniella – Country Music Programming (The Highway) Intern – Nashville Office

As my time in Nashville winds down, it’s still so surreal that I got the chance to intern in the SiriusXM offices this summer. Making the move to Nashville was a little bit daunting at first, but it has been the most rewarding experience. In these past ten weeks, I’ve learned so much from this internship and every single person I’ve met here.

Being a longtime listener of SiriusXM, and especially The Highway, working here was something I always dreamt of. On top of that, being a huge country music fan, it’s unbelievable that I got to work in this environment. From spending Wednesday mornings hanging out with Storme, MC, and Tommy on the Storme Warren morning show, to enjoying Fridays with Producer Josh and Buzz Brainard for the Music Row Happy Hour show at Margaritaville, every day at this internship has been so exciting.

This summer I’ve learned so much about radio and how this company works. I’ve sat in on interviews with everyone from new artists to big stars, gained experience prepping shows, researched to write on-air scripts, and interacted with tons of SiriusXM subscribers in-person and on social media. It’s been so cool to watch all the on-air personalities conduct their shows and to just be a part of everything that happens behind the scenes to make The Highway (Ch. 56) as great as it is.

A big thank you to the whole Nashville team—they have all made me feel so welcomed here from Day 1 and I’m super grateful I got to join them for a bit. Especially, a big thank you to Emily, my mentor, who has been such a great role model to me! This is one internship experience I will miss tremendously and remember forever. Thanks for this opportunity, SiriusXM!

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