Dillon, Talk Programming Intern – NYC Office

There’s this truly validating, indescribable feeling that you get when you’re able to directly contribute to a project that you really care about – when you get to utilize your prior knowledge, while also learning, sometimes failing, and ultimately growing as person & media professional. That “feeling” is one I experienced every single day on-site at SiriusXM this past summer. Working with a team of talented, like-minded individuals proved things to me that I had never imagined I could visualize in only 10 weeks, and I am honored to share my experience with you now!

When I arrived at 1221’s 36th floor in June I brought along with me a desire to learn, and an open mind, and a positive attitude. I knew that this would be a place where I could help to make something fantastic and, honestly, that couldn’t have proved to be any truer. From my very first day, Volume’s light hearted, enthusiastic team had my education parallel the importance of their programming. Every task that I was assigned was purposeful – from picking up calls during rock radio legend Eddie Trunk’s “Trunk Nation,” to mining interviews for interesting soundbites, to operating boards during a live program, I was constantly busy and presented with new challenges daily. Along the way, it was always made a point to show me anything there was to know about creating music-talk shows across all dayparts, as well as what it took to get them on-air outside the studio. Working with professional-grade automation systems, audio editing software, and broadcast equipment came with a learning curve of course, but all of the work that I produced while using them was meaningful, appreciated, and actually put to use.

Meeting and talking to rock legends was an added perk too – getting to snap a picture with Graham Nash isn’t something that everyone gets to do after all. Networking with guests and co-workers alike was essential as well. But what I appreciated most about interning with SiriusXM was the wealth of genuinely unique, useful experiences I was blessed with. I wanted to learn everything that I possibly could in only 2 months, and I can confidently say that I’ve done just that. I’ve had the chance to supplement content that I, as a fan, would love listening to – and that’s pretty spectacular.

I will truly miss greeting regular callers with “Trunk Nation! Can I get your name and where you’re calling from?” I’ll miss editing audio that eventually finds its place on air (and the advice I was given while doing so). And most importantly, I’ll miss the dedicated producers and hosts that I have had the honor to get to know and learn from. Ed, Alex, Matt, Evan, Kerry, Raven, and everybody else, thank you so much for everything! It’s been absolutely amazing to be part of the Volume team, and am inconceivably more prepared for a career in the radio/audio entertainment industries because of my time at SiriusXM.

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