Jane, Automatic Marketing Intern – NYC Office

As my summer internship wraps up, I cannot thank SiriusXM enough for this amazing opportunity where I expanded my skill set and portfolio. In such a short amount of time, I was able to learn about SiriusXM and their new partnership with Automatic. One of my favorite parts at the internship was helping out with the branding of Automatic and creating messaging for the dealers and consumers using different platforms and mediums.

SiriusXM is not your typical nine to five office job, with the work environment being fast-paced where passionate workers thrive, with creative ideas and innovative thinking. I am so grateful I had the opportunity to experience such inspiring employees, who love what they do.

An immense thank you to my mentor, Terry McGinty and the Automatic Team. They were essential in helping me achieve my goals, giving me guidance and valuable advice along the way. I picked up many skills as the internship progressed, with the Automatic Team giving me the freedom to truly dive in with the projects they were working on.

I can’t help but feel sad as I have to say goodbye to the team soon and the other interns. This summer has been one to remember and I will be forever grateful for this summer internship experience and the connections I have made.

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