John, Folk Music Programming Intern – DC Office

I have been listening to SiriusXM for most of my life, and have been interested in working in auditory media for some time. So when I received the offer to intern for the company back in March, I knew I had landed my dream internship. Still, that didn’t stop me from having a few points of nervousness. For one, it would be my first big job after declaring a major in multimedia journalism a little over a year ago. Additionally, it would mean having to make a major adjustment to living and working in a busy, urban environment; both my college and my hometown are surrounded by farmland on all sides.

From the first moments of my new intern orientation on June 6, I knew that I was right where I was supposed to be. I saw that the people at SiriusXM are, above all else, passionate about bringing great music, news, sports reporting and other media to the people with a personal touch; my supervisor, Mary Sue, is the quintessence of such fervor. From my first day, Mary Sue dedicated herself to teaching me the artful balance of creating a quality product that meets listeners’ needs and wants, all while making one’s love for great music evident in one’s efforts and maintaining a sense of professionalism. These aspects of my training would come to inform my work in editing artist interviews, creating audio-visual presentations for social media, and interacting with artists one-on-one as they visited the DC office.

Meanwhile, the rest of the full-time music programming staff instantly made me feel right at home as a coworker, often asking about my work with the company as well as my personal interests and passions. A great example of the SiriusXM staff’s dedication to my having a formative, well-rounded internship experience was when I asked Sean, another supervisor of mine, if he could help me set up an appointment with the producers of the P.O.T.U.S. political talk channel. He was more than happy to accommodate my request, and everyone I met at the channel was very attentive in teaching me as much as they could in the hour that I spent with them.

My two months as a music programming intern at SiriusXM exceeded my expectations in how they shaped and grew me, and I would recommend the experience to anyone looking to pursue a career in auditory media production. From navigating complex computer programs and trimming voice recordings to meeting incredible musicians like John Oates (yes, you read that correctly), everything task I accomplished refined my skills as a media professional and was wholly satisfying, as it felt wonderful to know that the work I was directly impacting both the channels I worked with and their audiences. Thank you to everyone who made this unforgettable summer possible.

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