Shawn, Content Marketing Intern- NYC Office

SiriusXM is such a fantastic place to intern that I couldn’t stay away!  After interning with the Ad/Sales Marketing department in the spring, I decided to return to SiriusXM for the fall, this time interning with the Content Marketing team.  Here, I learned the processes of marketing a wealth of content targeted at all walks of life through various methods, such as partnership marketing, newsletter marketing, and much more.

Working with the small Content Marketing team and other major players in the various marketing teams on the floor was an extremely fulfilling time and great learning experience.  Every piece of work I did, from research about places and opportunities to push our content, to preparing presentations and spreadsheets that are shown to and used by managers to guide decision making, felt substantial and useful to my personal development and to the company itself in some way.  Beyond the work, the people in this department are just fantastic.  Everyone on the team is a person that I plan to keep in touch with and would be happy to run into at an event somewhere. I’m eternally grateful to them for all of the help and support they gave me over the course of the semester.

Before SiriusXM, I had no idea what office work would be like.  I had only prior worked out of a home office, so my only exposure to a typical office was through TV and film.  Through my time here, I learned just what a fast paced, challenging, yet vibrant and fun environment SiriusXM is. Safe to say, SXM has set a high bar in my mind for the future! Work is plenty, balancing is necessary, but meetings are full of creative ideas, famous people may be closer to your reach than anywhere else, and the work experience is useful and looks phenomenal on a resume.

My advice: Shoot your shot and apply to SiriusXM!  Interviews may cause your nerves to flare up, but that’s just a small bump on the road compared to the wealth of great experiences that lie beyond the doors of the building.  Be ready to work hard and branch out into programs and styles of work that are new to you. SiriusXM is a workplace where anything can (and will) happen, and that’s what makes it so worthwhile.

Plus, free pretzel rods!  Can’t beat that!!!

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