Ashley, Volume Intern – NYC Office

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to describe my internship here at Sirius. After determining that that they only way for you to truly understand is by experiencing it for yourself, I figured I’d talk a little about what I had the opportunity to do for the past 2 months.

My internship at SiriusXM is one that I will never forget. I worked on the Volume Channel for the semester helping out on “Trunk Nation” one of our live shows that airs every day. On top of working on “Trunk Nation” I constantly helped out on one of our other daily live shows “Debatable.” The thing about interning at Sirius is that it never feels like work. I’ve enjoyed every assignment that they would give me, because it wasn’t busy work, it was real assignments that mattered and helped out the shows on our channel. You never get coffee at Sirius, unless you’re the one drinking it, and that is what pulled me in because they care about you learning and being able to do everything that they teach you, and not just giving the intern tasks to fill up time.

Now I didn’t only enjoy it because I loved the work that I had the chance to do. I also enjoyed the people I worked with. Now, Ed was a phenomenal mentor and he was always willing to answer my questions no matter how many I asked him. And don’t forget all the bad jokes and “Fun facts!” that he would tell multiple times of the day.He was one of my favorite people to work with- even after he rick-rolled me over email. Another notable person I’ve had the privilege of working with is Evan, he truly cares and also is one great guy with an amazing sense of humor who will brighten up your day. Working on projects for Feedback for Matt and Alex always go smoothly and if you don’t quite understand what you need to do, they take the time to help you and go over your work so you can only improve! Now I absolutely cannot forget Raven and Kerry, they are two women that I looked up to throughout the duration of my internship I can only hope that I will be able to run the board as fast as Kerry one day and that I will know everyone and everything like Raven does one day. These people truly made my internship go from a great experience to an amazing one.

I only have a little bit of advice that I’d like to leave you with, if you’re considering an internship at Sirius, do it. It is one of the best experiences that you can have and it will be truly one that I will miss now that my internship has come to an end.

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