Emem, Customer Retention Intern – NYC Office

When I first received the call from the recruiter that they were offering me a position as a customer retention intern at SiriusXM I thought it was too good to be true. I was aware of how popular this internship was and I was thankful to be given the position. When I first came to the corporate office my default response was very rigid in wanting to make sure that I did everything with no error. However, with the help of great team members, that mentality slowly began to unravel as I adjusted into the smooth yet dynamic work environment.

SiriusXM really does take care of their interns. As a customer retention I have had the flexibility of working in both of the offices and it has been a very rewarding opportunity. I genuinely enjoy the people in the corporate (1290) and entertainment building (1221) equally. From greeting the subscribers and hearing their amazing stories to assisting managers in their daily work endeavors, I always had a good story to share when it came to describing a regular day at SiriusXM. As a marketing intern, during the moments when I would find myself uncertain with an assignment or a task I am grateful that I had a mentor and team members who would walk with me step-by-step if needed and provide the resources to have a smoother transition into the internship. Nonetheless, even with a great support, my co-intern and I weren’t babied at all.

We contributed to our team by helping individuals in our department analyze data, create spreadsheets, edit content for the company’s decks and any other assigned tasks. Most importantly, we were given a semester-long project in which we had to present to the team new ideas and criticism of the current onboarding email process– which seemed scary at first but ended up being an amazing experience. SiriusXM sets you at an advantage you cannot get anywhere else. I believe that the culture here is a supportive one that pushes people to thrive and creates room for individuals to grow to a greater capacity. All and all, this internship has helped paint a more vivid picture of what I would be interested in doing in the future and I am excited to take what I learned from SiriusXM onto the next step of where life takes me.

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