Kristen, Customer Care Intern – NYC Office

This fall, I had the amazing opportunity to join the Customer Care team as an intern. Coming into the internship, I knew it’d be an amazing opportunity. Now after 12 weeks of being here, I can say wholeheartedly, that my time with Sirius was a dream come true.

From day one, I was welcome with open arms not only to the company, but to the amazing customer care team. While it seemed overwhelming first starting out and getting the hang of a new role, that feeling was alleviated almost immediately thanks to my mentor and the team. From my very first day, I was given real work & projects, not just busy work. My projects ranged anywhere from call listening, dealing with customer accounts, looking into do not call cases, and more. While a lot of my days involved listening to customer calls or tending to their accounts, it was really rewarding being able to take the collected data and turn it into analysis. For some projects, I even presented my findings to the team’s Vice President! It was incredible to not only contribute to projects in the making, but to have a voice in them.

As time went on, I naturally began to “learn the ropes”, which lead to even more opportunity. I made the most of my internship by asking to be involved in meetings and by getting to know my team, between NY and DC. This lead to actually being able to contribute some input into the Customer Care team’s 2 day long summit or meetings I was invited to because I was a brand new pair of eyes for the team. I was even invited to a presentation from an outside vendor pitching to our team!

If I could give any incoming intern advice, I would tell them to keep three things in mind. The first is to set goals for yourself. Of course you are here to learn about the role or industry, but it’s important to challenge yourself. Personally, I set goals for myself and told my mentor these goals before I had the role. Throughout my time here, my mentor had these goals in mind and helped me work towards them My second piece of advice is to network. While it’s great having a role in a big company, it’s even better being able to walk away from my 12 weeks here with more industry knowledge outside of my role, alongside so many connections for future reference. Because I pushed myself to network, I was able to learn about roles in various departments. This even lead to me being able to shadow a manager in the CRM department for our Fantastic Beasts event because he learned of my background in events! My last piece of advice would be to make the most of your internship. Of course we are all here to do hard work. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do things outside of your daily work. Ask questions, get to know people, and don’t be afraid to really push yourself!

I sincerely cannot say enough good things about my time with SiriusXM. Working here may seem intimidating because it’s a company recognized nationwide, but even as an intern I felt my impact. I don’t know many jobs, let alone internships, where people can say they truly felt their work’s impact (or that they met the CEO by their 2nd week here!) Thank you so much to my amazing mentor Stephanie for going above and beyond, to the whole customer care team, and to the HR team. As someone who walked by the SiriusXM studios daily for 2 years to go to their old job, it was beyond a dream come true working here for 12 weeks. My time here went so quickly and I will miss it dearly. The lessons I learned during my time here I will surely carry with me for the rest of my life.

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