Michael, Music Programming Intern – NYC Office

In August, I was selected to join SiriusXM Satellite Radio as an Intern for music programming. I knew this opportunity would support my career path with radio production, professional development, and I would meet some of the best talent in the industry. I was excited to improve my skills, support various channels, and work for the best radio company in the world.

I remember the first day where all the interns from different departments learned the policies and procedures at SiriusXM. We all left to our respected locations knowing something great was going to happen in the next three months. My mentor was SwaggySie who has two shows on SiriusXM and one of the leaders at Shade45 music channel. She displayed the importance of quality content, attention to detail, and providing support to all channels.

I was assigned to Shade45 for current hip hop music and worked on various channels for different genres of music. One of the many highlights was to work on live content for Rock The Bells channel on their signature show “Have A Nice Day” with Roxanne Shante. The adrenaline rush was incredible providing live support from researching show material, interacting with callers, and bring out the best content each show.

Everyone has a significant role at SiriusXM creating the best content everyday for all subscribers. The atmosphere could change at any moment with coordinators working on special projects and preparing breaking news for on air talent. I was thriller to start my internship at SiriusXM however, I could never imagined it would be one of my best experiences working in media. My internship has helped me identify my career path with radio production and I am looking forward to a career at SiriusXM Radio.

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