Nicholas, Cousin Brucie Intern – NYC Office

For three months now, I have had the opportunity and the privilege to travel to New York City, to work in the media capital of the world, and to be taught by the professionals that make SiriusXM what it is today, some of whom, helped to shape this industry from its infancy. I have had the honor to walk the same halls as Chris Russo, Steve Cohen, Howard Stern, Sway, and of course my mentor Bruce Morrow (Cousin Brucie). My experience is beyond words. I thought I knew plenty, about what makes a great radio program, that what I learned in college and volunteering at my school radio station would take me where I needed to go.

 IT pains me to think of a scenario in which I didn’t meet Cousin Brucie. What I have learned from him exceeded my wildest expectations of what working for the man would be like. A titan of radio, a progenitor of the medium, and yet the kind-hearted, warm, and honest man you hear over the airwaves,is exactly who he is in person. Brucie has not only encouraged my pursuit of a sports programming internship but also took steps to put me in front of people who could make it a reality. The Cuz’s message to me was blending ideas and learning everything is the best thing you can do for yourself. “Never be afraid to know more.” I’ll never forget those words. Colton Murray, the Associate Producer of The Cousin Brucie Show, followed and still follows this example. Not once between the two of them did I ever feel like an errand boy, or a coffee/food runner, or less than. From day one Brucie and Colton had me running call screening, recording, ingesting,and cueing up audio, aiding in building shows, aiding in setting up interview sand planning events, putting together “best of” shows for Brucie, and yes,running the board. I also had the unique opportunity to work with Alex  and Michael to help many other music shows and stations within SiriusXM as well. You can’t know something until you do it. Until you see what an actual workday in this field consists of, how can you be sure you’re in the right job? So, take my word for it. Apply to SiriusXM. Apply to work with these wonderful people and teachers. Apply yourself and always strive to be better. Apply your knowledge and don’t be afraid to ask questions or learn more than you think you can. I promise you that you’ll never regret the time spent and you’ll never have an experience quite like it.

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